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A story of empowerment

Empowerment is not about ticking compliance boxes. It is about giving individuals opportunities to make their own decisions and put it into action. It is about giving people the chance to improve their own economic status and create a legacy for their children. APL supports its 5 shareholder companies in their sustainable empowerment projects. This site was created to showcase the empowerment initiatives driven and supported by APL and its 5 shareholders. May the journey of browsing around on our site be informative and encouraging - portraying a message of hope. 


5 shareholder companies each hold 20% ownership in APL Cartons (Pty) Ltd. They are:

  • Ceres Fruit Growers (CFG)

  • Goede Hoop Citrus (GHC)

  • Kromco

  • Sundays River Citrus Company (SRCC)

  • Two-a-Day (TAD)


These shareholders are growers, packers and exporters of fresh fruit - citrus, apples and pears. With their linkages backward and forward into the agri and food value chain, they have a large social footprint and the potential to contribute greatly to empowerment and social upliftment in their sector and geographical areas.


Each shareholder company has a network of primary producers as their own shareholders and growers. Therefore they have linkages from the farmland and orchards right through to the markets and consumers on the other side. This economic model lends itself to sustainable transformation projects in different areas of the value chain. 

Being mindful of our history of land dispossession, APL Cartons and its shareholders have undertaken to bring about transformation in land ownership patterns to increase black ownership of agricultural land. These pages aim to tell the stories of empowerment and upliftment that is part and parcel of the business of these grower-packer-exporter companies that have such a powerful impact on the fruit industry of South Africa.

By virtue of its footprint throughout the fruit value chain, APL enables the fruit growers, who are shareholders too, to farm more economically, leading to greater net farm income. A shareholder in any of the pack houses automatically benefits from the fact that the pack house has a financial interest in the packing, processing, packaging, logistical and marketing sectors of the value chain. In this way, the grower gets direct access to the full value chain from the orchard to the supermarket buying his/her fruit. 







for producers

beneficiaries split
parents: 55%
Pre-school: 6%
Primary school: 12%
High school: 9%
Young adults: 15%
Retired citizens: 3%

Water, sanitation and housing

Weekly transport

Clothing and sports clubs

Social workers, pre-school, creches

Community centres

Bursaries for children; after school care

Health clinics


Feeding schemes, contribution to school fees, computer facilities

Possible projects for future collaboration:
  • Shared social workers

  • Shared community centres with clinic, aftercare and education

  • Cold rooms / cold storage




Please feel free to make contact with our Transformation desk should you have anything that you would like to discuss

Transformation Desk

Igor Boonzaaier

Tel:+27 82 858 8656