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Our empowerment philosophy

CFG sees empowerment as a long-term commitment. It is not merely a compliance exercise where we need to tick the right box to get the points we need. Whatever we do under the umbrella of empowerment should ultimately make business sense and be done in a sustainable manner.


Socio-economic initiatives 

We have the following socio-economic initiatives at CFG:

Clinic on site –primary health service, occupational health service, chronic medication and acute illness treatment - subsidized completely;

Medical aid scheme that covers all permanent and seasonal workers;

Supporting schools and creches in different areas where our employees live, also providing apples and pears;

Swop shop for recycling material;

Ad hoc projects like distribution of warm clothes and blankets in winter

Training initiatives

30 learners per year on learnerships;

70% of learners are women.

Witzenberg PALS

We are a shareholder of Witzenberg PALS (Partners in Agri Land Solutions), an initiative in our area that supports new empowerment projects. This support offered includes training for new beneficiaries, assistance in water rights applications, development of business plans, etc. This organisation was established in 2014 and it has since brought about new land reform projects which will enable 4 256 ha to be transferred to Black ownership. We are proud to be associated with this initiative that provides so many opportunities.


Bronaar Farms - Themba Workers Trust

Black shareholding: 28%

Beneficiaries:  58 (31 male, 27 female)

Total surface hectares: 2033 ha

Established: 2007

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund

Denou - Den Haag Workers Trust

Black shareholding: 51%

Beneficiaries:  72 (37 male, 35 female)

Total surface hectares: 100 ha

Established: 2003

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund

Langewyde Project

Black shareholding: 33%

Beneficiaries:  242 (126 male, 116 female)

Total surface hectares: 10 000 ha

Established: 2007

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund

Leopont Properties

Black shareholding: 60%

Beneficiaries:  136 (91 male, 45 female)

Total surface hectares: 101 ha

Established: 2005

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund

Morceaux Boerdery Trust

Black shareholding: 60%

Beneficiaries:  25 (15 male, 10 female)

Total surface hectares: 62 ha

Established: 2003

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund



New horizons - watch this space! 

We are planning new ventures:

  • A crate rental business to empower our pack house employees;

  • A cold storage facility as an empowerment project


Ceres Fruit Growers (CFG)