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Meet Marius Swart

Marius is a Trustee of the Goede Hoop Citrus Empowerment Trust. This project started in 2005 and he was appointed as a Trustee in 2007. Every person that has been in Goede Hoop's employ for more than two years is invited to join the Trust, which has ownership in Goede Hoop Citrus (Pty) Ltd.

Marius has always wanted to own shares in the company and was glad when the opportunity was offered to him by Goede Hoop. He holds a Production Productivity Operations Management Diploma from UNISA and has also had the opportunity to develop further through various training programmes. He aspires to a management position in the pack house and would like to further develop those skills.

What motivates Marius?

Due to his shareholding, Marius takes the successes of his team and the company seriously. It inspires him to be part of a team that collectively moves towards a goal. He is motivated by the knowledge that hard work will contribute to the overall success of the company, which will lead to to greater profits and the benefits of a higher dividend pay-out.

His message to the youth, entering the economy

Marius warns the youth not to expect freebies, but to know that it is hard work and studying that will open doors to success. He reminds us that any sustainable business is driven by innovative, forward-thinking, hard-working individuals who are willing to work in a team. He also suggests that one should build one's own capacity in order to be able to slot into any part of an organisation. If a new opportunity arises, your employer should think about you first for the open position.