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Meet Mietjie van Rooi

Mietjie is a Trustee of the Morceaux Farming Trust. She was a part of this project from its inception in 2003 and is proud to be a shareholder in the operating entity. She is honest in saying that she has not necessarily aspired to this position, but the opportunity crossed her path without her specifically seeking it. 

Mietjie has received Trustee training, as well as various other forms of training, both technical and soft skills. She would love to receive more training in finance and marketing as these are areas in which she would love to grow. 

She has a refreshingly positive outlook on life, striving always to do the best that she can. She believes that life is a blessing from a Higher Hand and that through agriculture she can bring about change and blessing in others' lives. She reminds us never to forget where blessings come from, to be hard-working, honest, positive and open towards learning. Mietjie is brave enough to dream big and look beyond the horizon - seeing opportunities that others may miss. She believes that her Heavenly Father dreams even bigger than she would be able to dream for herself.