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Our empowerment philosophy

At Kromco we believe that the main focus of empowerment should be education. We also prefer to empower in our own geographical area and make a difference where our business has a footprint. We are registered as a strategic partner with government with regard to land reform. We currently assist black farmers by supplying them with services such as storage, packing, marketing, technical and financing. We encourage shareholders to initiate empowerment projects and will support them as far as possible.


Socio-economic initiatives 

Our philosophy is to contribute towards education, focusing specifically on the youth. We believe this focus will have the biggest impact since they are the leaders of tomorrow. We have an on-site clinic and also supply transport to and from work for most of our staff. We contribute to the BEF (Botrivier Education Foundation), De Rust Futura School, the Elgin Foundation, as well as other smaller education suppliers. We also supply our people with training in literacy, numeracy, basic life skills and financial skills.

Clinic on site 

Supporting the Botriver Education Foundation

Transport to and from work

Training initiatives

Forklift and tractor driver training

Safety and first aid

Fruit handling

Job role specific training

ABET training

Money sense



Enterprise development initiatives

We jointly founded a majority black owned training company in which Kromco has a 19% shareholding. We support this company financially and also supply them with certain services and facilities.




Black shareholding: 62%

Beneficiaries:  105 (45 male, 62 female)

Total surface hectares: 144 ha

Established: 1995

Funding method: LRAD Government Fund


Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  1 (1 male, 0 female)

Total surface hectares: 100 ha

Established: 2003

Funding method: Landbank loan



New horizons - watch this space! 

We are planning to double our empowerment hectares! ​One possibility under investigation is a green fields project on 300ha of virgin land. The plan is to develop 120 ha of apples and pears in a joint venture between a Kromco-shareholder (white commercial farmer) and 4 junior farm managers in his employ. Over time the white partner will exit, making it 100% black owned. The new business will hold shares in Kromco.