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Two-a-Day (TAD)

Our empowerment philosophy

TAD endeavours for all permanent farm workers in the Group to become shareholders in farms. With the number of permanent farmworkers in the Group being more-or-less 1 200, this is a tall order, but we are determined to do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal, especially since these farm workers are responsible for the wellbeing of 6 000 dependants in the region. To date, ± 350 permanent farmworkers have been empowered via land reform initiatives.

TAD and its growers support land reform because, if properly managed, it represents an opportunity to build wealth for the next generation. The local rural economy will be bolstered and the current levels of poverty can be reduced.

An estimated 30% of total TAD shares will be transferred to land reform projects, of which the farm workers are the shareholders.  The value of these shares is conservatively estimated at R600 million. 


Socio-economic initiatives 

TAD is proud of the benefits reaped through the Two-a-Day Education Trust. This trust provides the opportunity for all employees, children of employees and employees of member farms to apply for bursaries. In 2016 27 children were awarded bursaries to the value of R279,000. 2017 saw an increase to 65 children receiving bursaries to the total value of R500,000. Recipients of bursaries are free to study in the field of their choice.​

Full time social worker

Gym on site

Sports activities

Free medicine

Full time occupational nurse

Doctor on site for at least 3 days a week

Free wifi

Housing project for employees

Khaya Lam - community housing project

Training initiatives

2016 – 2017: 52 learnerships (NQF level 3 & 4, packing and grading),

Learnership in Generic Management (NQF level 4),

Leadership Development of Middle and Senior Management,

Training for unemployed matriculants and providing job opportunities for them


Enterprise development initiatives

Because of our pool account system we do not necessarily gain by procurement from empowerment farms ,so we obtain our points under enterprise development through the provision of loan facilities.



Klein Ezeljacht

Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  1 (1 male, 0 female)

Total surface hectares: 871 ha

Established: 2008

Funding method: DRDLR, through PLAS


Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  230 (131 male, 79 female)

Total surface hectares: 567.78 ha

Established: 2003

Funding method: Government grant


Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  2 (2 male, 0 female)

Total surface hectares: 21.44 ha


Funding method


Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  26 (12 male, 14 female)

Total surface hectares: 723.35 ha


Funding method

Vacation Station

Black shareholding: 51%

Beneficiaries:  625 

Total surface hectares: 91.57 ha


Funding method


Black shareholding: 55%

Beneficiaries:  11 

Total surface hectares: 59.86 ha


Funding method


Black shareholding: 100%

Beneficiaries:  84 (49 male, 35 female) 

Total surface hectares: 63.5 ha


Funding method



New horizons - watch this space! 

Our latest initiative involves a commercial development with the following shareholding:

  • Farm workers – 33%.

  • TAD (Pty) Ltd – 33%.

  • TAD Shareholders – 33%.


The plan is to empower approximately 700 permanent farmworkers in this development.

The total development, when fully planted, will be more-or-less 100 hectares.